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stuff mondays – princess highway spring collection

stuff mondays – princess highway spring collection


Hands up if you could do with a spare 200 bucks to spend on spring duds.

Wherever you happen to be right now, we reckon it’s worth stopping to give yourself a good pat on the back. Why? Well, aside from being a top-notch individual, you’ve also officially made it through winter – objectively the most difficult season of the year. Goodbye ridiculously early sunsets! So long frostbitten tootsies! There’s grassy fields to run through, Maria von Trapp style, and can’t nobody hold us back.

To match the excitement, our mates at Princess Highway have kindly offered up a $200 voucher to spend on their spring range. It’s filled with lovely botanical prints and a bunch of jumpsuits we could run around in all day long. If it tickles your fancy, feel free to enter over at the win page.