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stuff mondays – crumble dutch oven

stuff mondays – crumble dutch oven


Cute cookware alert!

A good cook is nothing without quality cookware. You wouldn’t tell someone to go running without supportive shoes, right? Or suggest that an aspiring musician bang some sticks on a bucket. So when it comes to feeding yourself, you could continue making scrambled eggs in the manky, scratched sharehouse pan. But there will probably come a day when you don’t want to die from ingesting Teflon flakes. 

If that day is today, allow us to introduce you to Crumble. These guys specialise in Dutch ovens – the kind that are so pretty, you’ll need to hide them from your housemates. If you’re not already familiar with the miracle qualities of Dutch ovens, here's what you need to know: these heavy-duty pots are non-stick; suitable for frying, boiling, roasting and baking; and will happily go from stovetop to oven and vice versa. Even better, Crumble’s Dutch ovens work on gas, electric and induction cooktops and can be chucked in the dishwasher when you’re done. Phew! But wait, there's more! They also come in super-sweet colours like baby pink and sage green, which you can admire right over here.  

If you're feeling lucky, pop over to our win page where we have one Crumble Dutch oven up for grabs. The winner gets to pick out a pot in their favourite shade – huzzah!