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start-up money stories: pete cromer
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start-up money stories: pete cromer


Curious about how to make art your business?

SB x Xero DinkusHave you ever wondered how much moolah it takes to start a business? Or how you even scrape together enough cash in the first place? With a little help from Xero, we've put together Start-up Money Stories, an IGTV series where we ask small-business owners a few frank questions about their finances: how much money did they start with? Did they get a loan? Did they pawn everything they own?In this episode of ‘start-up money stories’, we pay a visit to Pete Cromer. Pete is an artist and designer best known for his colourful portraits of Australian wildlife. His business unexpectedly took off after buyers flocked to his now signature resin budgerigars. He'd only made a few for an early art exhibition, but soon enough, Pete was taking in more orders than he could keep up with. Here, Pete tells us about managing the day-to-day of a small business and how he launched his brand into the world.

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