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start-up money stories: nikita from doodad + fandango
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start-up money stories: nikita from doodad + fandango


Nikita Majajas tells us how she made jewellery her full-time thing.

SB x Xero DinkusHave you ever wondered how much moolah it takes to start a business? Or how you even scrape together enough cash in the first place? With a little help from Xero, we've put together Start-up Money Stories, an IGTV series where we ask small-business owners a few frank questions about their finances: how much money did they start with? Did they get a loan? Did they pawn everything they own?

This episode's guest is Nikita Majajas, the Sydney-based designer behind Doodad + Fandango. For years, Nikita balanced jewellery-making with day jobs, steadily growing her business into what it is today. With a little help from Instagram, she's since built a loyal following and counts herself lucky to design and craft rad, colour-drenched accessories every day. 

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