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rosalía releases experimental new album

rosalía releases experimental new album


The singer-songwriter’s unique sound is influenced by everything from flamenco and RnB to electronica and pop.

Spanish songstress Rosalía has seen a lot in her 28 years – she was a contestant on the TV singing competition Tú sí que vales at the age of 15, studied flamenco at the prestigious Catalonia College of Music, acted alongside Antonio Banderes and Penelope Cruz in Dolor y Gloria and has won a tonne of awards (including a Grammy). That’s probably why her sound – a blend of flamenco, pop, RnB, hip-hop, electronica and Latin-American rhythms – is just so darn interesting.

Her latest album, MOTOMAMI, is no different. The 16-track record released today features Rosalía’s newest single, “HENTAI” (yes, like the anime porn), as well as the bachata track featuring The Weeknd, “LA FAMA”. While all of Rosalía’s lyrics are in Spanish, there’s no need to fret if you’re not fluent – who needs to sing along to a bop when you can just dance instead? Tune into MOTOMAMI below.