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pit bulls in flower crowns

pit bulls in flower crowns


Photographer Sophie Gamand sees a side to the burly breed that most do not.

As far as pooches go, Pit bulls are often thought of as violent bullies, but most owners of the burly breeds would contend that they're actually doting, loyal and downright affectionate.

In response to their bad rep, photographer Sophie Gamand approached several New York animal shelters with Pit bulls up for adoption and asked to photograph them in a way that would better reflect their nature. The result was Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution, a series of snaps of dogs like Athena, Jellybean and Sweetheart, all adorned with utterly approachable and unthreatening flower crowns. Much better.

You can find more photos of pups in pretty headdresses over on her website, or if you particularly fancy the soft focus shots, you can buy prints or a 2015 calendar from her online store. The canine models themselves are also up for adoption.