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papergeek co’s washi tape

papergeek co’s washi tape


With washi tape like this, why would you ever use regular old sticky tape again?

Washi tape, for those of you who may not have heard the term before, is basically sticky tape, in that it functions as sticky tape – but visually speaking, it’s a whole other bag. Made from natural fibres, such as bamboo or hemp, it’s printed with teeny-tiny (and often exceptionally cute) patterns. The range from Malaysian stationery aficionados, Papergeek Co, for example, includes tapes adorned with roses, bento boxes, flamingos, croissants and much, much more. (Quite seriously, there is just loads.)

Head over to their online store to see for yourself – and be sure to check out the rest of their handmade goodies while you’re there. For those paper geeks are rather fond of their leather-bound scrap books, stickers and pens, too. (As are we all.)