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handy produce bags to keep your veg fresh

handy produce bags to keep your veg fresh


The Swag protects your greens from getting gross.

Stocking your fridge with a tonne of fruit and veg feels so hopeful and wholesome. It’s a fresh start, especially when you’re trying to eat homemade meals more often. We’re all human, though, and life gets in the way. Before you know it, you’re ordering yummy takeaway and satisfying unexpected cravings (of which we totally approve). By the end of the week, you’re left with a bunch of sweaty, decaying produce languishing in the bottom drawer of your fridge. It’s a bit of a bummer. No one likes to waste food, not to mention their hard-earned cashola.

That’s why Sydney lass Peita Pini made The Swag – a compostable, breathable bag for storing produce in the fridge. The Swag features three layers of unbleached cotton, which are designed to keep fruit and veg crisp for way longer than when stored in single-use plastic (or on their own). It sounds like a win-win for your budget and the environment. If you reckon your precious veggies would like a comfy new abode, pop over to The Swag’s online shop.