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how to make a hot toddy

how to make a hot toddy


It doesn't take much to whip up this classic winter beverage.

There's nothing better than a throat-warming hot toddy when you're feeling a wee bit under the weather. Throw together the below ingredients, along with a cheeky tipple, and you'll have yourself a soothing beverage in no time. 

10ml whiskey
10ml lemon juice
1 dash of tabasco sauce 
1 teaspoon of honey
Matso's Ginger Beer

1. Add the whiskey, lemon juice and honey to a flute glass.
2. Heat up 100ml of Matso's Ginger Beer to a simmer, then add to the flute glass while stirring.
3. Add a dash of tabasco sauce.
4. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

This tasty treat was put together with the help of Matso's and Low 302