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frankie fodder: orange stacker cake

frankie fodder: orange stacker cake


A little bit Choc Ripple cake, a litte bit citrus pudding.

A little bit Choc Ripple cake, a litte bit citrus pudding, this multi-layer pile of gooey deliciousness is easy to make with just some stacking and mixing.

orange stacker cake 1


300g chocolate sponge cake
250g vanilla mousse (or pudding, or a yummy Snack Pack)
200g orange or lemon curd
500ml double cream
150g orange marmalade
juice of one orange, for mopping
oranges, mandarins, lemon, lime, sliced
chocolate shavings

orange stacker cake 2


1. Cut sponge layers into strips with varied width. (Five to six strips ranging from 5cm to 7cm to 10cm should do the trick.)
Mix the orange curd into the vanilla mousse, then finely grate some lemon and orange zest in.

orange stacker cake 3

2. Whip double cream with just a tiny bit of icing sugar.

orange stacker cake 4

3. In two parts, fold the whipped cream into the gooey mousse mixture.

orange stacker cake 5

4. Mop all sponge strips with orange juice and spread the top sides with a thin layer of marmalade. Then start stacking the cake on a platter. Begin with the widest strips, placing the first sponge with the marmalade-spread side upwards. Spread a good amount of cream on top of that.

orange stacker cake 6

5. Next, place another wider sponge on top, with the marmalade-spread side downwards. Spread the bare side with a layer of marmalade and a good layer of cream. Place one of the medium-sized strips on top, marmalade downwards. Finally, spread marmalade and cream and add one of the thinner strips.

Now is a good moment to turn the cake upright – it might be good to use a cake server or a pancake spatula for this. Add the two last layers, just as before, to the taller side.

orange stacker cake 7

6. Cover the whole cake with the leftover cream, sprinkle with chocolate shavings and pile orange and other citrus slices on top, twisting them into loops and ribbons to make it look more fancypants.

7. Let your concoction sit in the fridge for a while so the flavours have time to meld together. Then eat!

orange stacker cake 8