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etched wooden spoons

etched wooden spoons


Turn a plain old wooden utensil into a work of art for your kitchen drawer.

When you're the kind of person that digs a bit of craft but probably wouldn't be described by your buddies as dexterous, modifying something that's already been made is way easier than producing a rad creation from scratch. Take this etched spoon project, for instance: all you need is some wooden utensils, a wood-burning tool and a steady hand, and you could wind up with a work of art for your kitchen drawer. Easy as! The sky's the limit when it comes to patterns, but don't go waving that burning wand too wildly. Unsurprisingly, the tip gets mighty hot, so make sure to keep it away from sensitive surfaces lest you singe your crafty fingers or burn unwanted holes into your clothes.

Have a gander at the full DIY here.