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earl grey hot chocolate

earl grey hot chocolate


Tea and chocolate in one steamy mug – it's the soul-warming combo we never knew we needed.

We regret to inform you that winter is officially here. Though, if you're a fellow Melburnian, you wouldn't need reminding of this fact. (Not sure what we did to offend the weather gods out there but holy moly, it's been COLD.) To mark this sombre occasion, we've decided to switch out our morning cuppa for a hearty mug of this soul-warming Earl Grey hot choccy by Teak & Thyme. It's the melancholy version of a mocha – we don't want to be fully caffeinated while we mourn the loss of sunshine, single-layered outfits and the sensation in our fingers. Find the super-easy recipe over here if you need a sweet little pick-me-up, too.

To accompany you while you embark on your next culinary quest, we’ve cooked up some lovely kitchen merch, including three colourful tea towels and a flower-power apron. Find the lot over at the frankie shop.