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diy knitted cupcake beanie

diy knitted cupcake beanie


Crafty friends, have you ever seen a beanie so cute?

If there was an award for the most adorable beanie, this here design would take the (cup)cake. This sweet style, thunk up by Shirley Theakston (aka @knitterbees), was originally created for doll-sized noggins, but has since been updated to include measurements for newborns, toddlers, kids and adults (because you’re never too old to don a dessert-themed head covering).

Those of you who’d like to get clickety-clacking, pronto, head over to Ravelry, where you can download the knitting pattern for around $6.50. Once you’ve whipped up your beanie, why not take a snap and share the results with us, too? Tag us @frankiemagazine on Instagram or email us your woolly creations – we’d love to see them.