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behold: cent.ldn’s boombox candle

behold: cent.ldn’s boombox candle


Just like the legendary JVC RC M90 boombox it’s modelled on, this candle has become a bit of a collector’s item.

Most candles are for burning, but cent.ldn’s wax lights are arguably made for display only. If you owned one of the London brand’s boombox candles, for example, you’d definitely think twice before setting it alight. Real hip-hop heads might recognise the design, modelled on the JVC RC M90 boombox, from LL Cool J’s Radio album and Beastie Boy photos, but you don’t need to be a total rap nerd to appreciate its fine form. At 28cm wide and 14 cm high, each waxy collectable weighs a whopping 1.9kg (should you dare to light one, you’ll get approximately 100 hours of burn time). If you have around $270 clams to spare, head here to secure yours.  

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