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all the colours in the world

all the colours in the world


An artist turned 1584 colour palettes into one striking piece of wall art.

There are times when hoarding becomes an issue, like when you have jam jars that expired 10 years ago and a stockpile of VHS that belonged to your ex that you just can’t get rid of because they breathed on them once. If this sounds a little like you, we kindly recommend you get some proper hug therapy and hire a skip (you’ll be happier in the long run). But then, there’s this kind of hoarding.

Spanish artist Laura Berman has been mixing colour palettes for over 20 years, and recently gathered them all together and snipped them into teeny decals to make this lovely wall installation. Called Rise: All The Colours in the World, the exhibit contains exactly 1584 colours, each and every one a Laura Nerman original. Now that’s a nostalgia trip.