artist appreciation: robert townsend interview

9:00am Saturday, 16 Feb. by georgia frances king

We have a chat to Los Angeles-based artist Robert Townsend who paints the world his dad grew up in: roadside diners, quiffs and all.

emma block's portraits of style icons

3:00pm Thursday, 14 Feb. by georgia frances king

This collection of yesteryear's starlets features Stevie Nicks, Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, Twiggy, Jean Seberg, Audrey Hepburn, Edie Sedgwick, Brigitte Bardot.

frankie issue 52 sneak peek

3:00pm Tuesday, 12 Feb. by georgia frances king

Shhh... don't tell the internet: here's a little sneak peek of the cover for frankie magazine Issue 52. It'll be available to hold in your hot little hands as soon as tomorrow!

ohara hale cat food portraits

9:00am Wednesday, 30 Jan. by georgia frances king

Two of our favourite things are cats and food. That's why Montreal lass Ohara Hale's illustrations of kitties re-imagined as pantry items have us smiling.

emily eldridge found object sculptures

3:00pm Sunday, 13 Jan. by jo walker

Turning everyday bits and pieces like toilet brushes, trays, dustpans and wires into rather sardonic-looking (and cute) characters is such a cool idea.

nan lawson pop culture illustrations

3:00pm Tuesday, 08 Jan. by jo walker

Los Angeles illustrator Nan Lawson is a lady after our own dorky hearts: a sprinkling of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Mad Men and Wes Anderson films? The lady has good taste.

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