swonderful and papercup

4:00pm Saturday, 22 Oct. by holly mccauley

Look what the oh-so-talented NZ peeps at Swonderful whipped up: a nice-as video to celebrate spring and their very own 4th birthday!

luxe lol cats

12:00pm Saturday, 22 Oct. by jo walker

Does your dear old puss really need a log cabin, teepee or faux bearskin rug? The answer might be yes.

rainbow reading

4:00pm Friday, 21 Oct. by georgia frances king

Red and yellow and pink and green / purple and orange and blue / I can see a rainbow / I can see a rainbow / I can see a rainbow too.

shoulder length

1:00pm Friday, 21 Oct. by jessie alymore

As an ode to the simple up-do we've been experimenting with pinning our manes in an 'Edwardian Tuck'. Here's a handy-dandy how to!

ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out

9:00am Friday, 21 Oct. by lara burke

Are you a man looking for some plaid in your life? Or a lady looking to dress up her manliest friend (or friendliest man) in checkered splendour?


4:00pm Thursday, 20 Oct. by holly mccauley

Here are two bundles of springtime sunnies for you all to gawk at.

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