up in the air somewhere

10:00am Saturday, 07 Jan. by holly mccauley

Do delicate and wondrous ceramics tickle your fancy?

cushion the blow

3:00pm Friday, 06 Jan. by jo walker

These native quilt pillows from Shapes and Colours textiles are quite fetching, we think.

high notes and high tea

9:00am Friday, 06 Jan. by georgia frances king

We thought we'd like to learn how to hold a tune this year. And looky what we found: a class that incorporates both singing lessons and tea drinking. Awesome.

teeth and hair

2:00pm Thursday, 05 Jan. by lara burke

Illustrator and designer Eirian Chapman loves drawing crazy make-believe combs.

lenko pencils

9:00am Thursday, 05 Jan. by georgia frances king

Attention writerly types: check these out.

new limedrop drop

2:00pm Wednesday, 04 Jan. by holly mccauley

Hey Limedrop, you're awesome. That's all.

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