Some clothes are functional, and others make you want to parade around the streets doing high-kicks. These threads do both.

masayo fukuda's paper cutting

9:00am Wednesday, 17 Apr.

Jaw-dropping art made from a single sheet of paper.

tunesday – jade bird interview

3:00pm Tuesday, 16 Apr.

British singer-songwriter Jade Bird makes rustic Americana pop tunes.

one fancy mat

9:00am Tuesday, 16 Apr.

This Persian "rug" is here to cushion all of your downward dogs.

The talented artist (and last year's Kilgour Prize winner) uses unexpected materials including copper, wax and marble.

how to water indoor plants

9:00am Monday, 15 Apr. by georgina reid

Is there such a thing as smothering your plant with too much love? Yes, yes there is.

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