software for creatives of all sorts

12:08pm Wednesday, 30 Jan.

We lay down the tools of the trade.

Upgrade your home or studio set-up and your productivity, as well.

rebirth by tom le french

3:00pm Sunday, 10 Mar.

Everything new is old again.

“Waiting until something is perfect, or you feel ready, means nothing gets done – you’ve just got to dive in.”

shazam for plants

10:00am Wednesday, 09 Aug.

Identifying plants just got really easy, thanks to this nifty, free app.

find your festival friends

9:00am Sunday, 04 May.

More hi-tech than a stuffed animal on a stick, less prone to fail than randomly telling people to meet you 'near the left speaker'.

studio batch's 3D printing

3:00pm Tuesday, 26 Nov.

Studio Batch print lampshades.

iphone book charger

3:00pm Saturday, 23 Mar.

This iPhone charger from Etsy seller Canterwick helps hide all those unsightly cables inside a classic work of literature, so you can plug your mobile straight into a book (with handy docking port) rather than having it danging around looking fugly.

laptop stable table

9:00am Sunday, 08 Jul.

Feel like breakfast in bed or working on the couch, but can't seem to balance your teacup and laptop on your legs? Here's the solution.

the six stitch kit

8:00am Wednesday, 04 Jul.

Want to tap away on your phone or tablet, but don't want to freeze your fingers? This is a super simple way to make your gloves techno-friendly. All it takes is six stitches of a super special string, and you're done!

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