Put a bunch of old t-shirts to good use and whip up a fancypants rug for your pad!

This super-snazzy rug pays tribute to an iconic local pool – and we have one to give away! Hurrah!

We’re oozing with enthusiasm for these intricate embroidered rugs.

pineapple rug pattern

9:00am Sunday, 12 Jul.

Who knew wrapping yourself in a giant prickly fruit could feel so good?

the monster skin rug

9:00am Sunday, 19 Apr.

Cuddle up when your nighttime brain wanderings have led you in a not-so-nice direction.

hula hoop rug diy

9:36am Sunday, 21 Sep.

Hula hoops: great for tightening up your middle after one too many pieces of pudding, playing an especially humungous game of quoits, or, as this DIY suggests, acting as the perfect circular loom.

thermometer rug

9:00am Thursday, 24 Jan.

This rug is designed to change colour with the weather, transitioning from blue to mint at 15C and red to yellow at 28C. Siren Elise calls it a "soft thermometer". Clever, eh? We bet it's bright red right now.

tusk collective picnic rug giveaway

10:00am Saturday, 13 Oct.

This Ivory Shadow blanket would be nifty to pretty up a park bench, provide something nice to sit on or throw around your shoulders once the sun has gone down on your garden party.

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