curious bear rings

4:00pm Monday, 04 Sep.

Behold, little friends for your fingers.

We’ve got some real lil bow-wows to give away.

merryme critter rings

9:00am Tuesday, 26 Apr.

If there’s one thing merryme knocks out of the park, it’s jewellery featuring indifferent-yet-adorable animals.

tourdefork rings

9:00am Sunday, 11 Oct.

Customise your finger trickets with bits that might not usually get the admiration they deserve.

good after nine animal jewellery

10:00am Thursday, 19 Mar.

Wouldn't it be neat if you could keep your own personal zoo filled with flamingos, tigers, foxes and peacocks, always within arm's reach?

faux granite ring diy

3:00pm Friday, 03 Oct.

These granite look-a-like rings are equal parts simple, fun and easy on the eye, which happen to be the elements of a pretty dandy DIY project.

Do you fancy adding some extra niceties to your knuckles? Allow us to give you a hand...

karen walker jewellery

9:00am Friday, 04 Oct.

Mother Nature's a pretty temperamental old bat, showering us with rain and sleet one minute, and shining merrily down on us the next.

concrete house ring

3:00pm Tuesday, 15 Oct.

Are you ready to make a concrete commitment to your significant other / yourself / your flatmate / your mum? Linda Bennett's Concrete House Ring could be helpful in this regard.

nach animal rings

3:00pm Saturday, 12 Jan.

We've owned quite a few of these pieces in the past and a new item from Nach's latest collection is set to join our slowly growing zoo of knuckle niceties.

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