in defence of kenny g

9:00am Monday, 15 Apr.

Muzak's happy, cheerful sounds make me feel as if I’m at the airport awaiting an adventure, or at a cheap massage parlour, excitedly anticipating the removal of knots from my neck.

right in the feels

3:00pm Sunday, 05 May.

Trish O’Loughlin is a highly sensitive person, and proud.

art school confidential

9:00am Wednesday, 13 Mar.

At my grad exhibition, my parents stopped to earnestly whisper, “Is this art?” at various piles of rubbish around the building. They were right two out of three times.

little shop of horrors

1:00pm Friday, 22 Feb.

Lisa Marie Corso can think of nothing worse than exchanging money for wearable goods.

down with morning people

9:00am Thursday, 27 Dec.

Nadine von Cohen is a bona fide night owl, and proud.

a home of one's own

3:00pm Thursday, 09 Aug.

Caro Cooper is all for leaving the roommate life behind.

the name game

9:00am Tuesday, 05 Jun.

Eleanor Robertson struggles to introduce the human she’s involved with.

rant: no news is good news

8:00am Friday, 13 Apr.

“I always feel like I run the risk of seeming ‘uninformed’ by avoiding the news – but what am I really avoiding? The vast majority of the time: bullshit.”

rant: the heat is on

3:00pm Sunday, 11 Feb.

Heat waves bring out a lot of feelings in Michelle Law. (Oh, and a few smells, too.)

Ever given a sweetheart a cherished tome, only for them to never return it? We feel you.

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