after online

9:00am Wednesday, 16 Jul.

Whoopsy-daisy. We've just gone and spent all our dollars on the brilliant goodies stocked at After Online.

maeven vintage

9:00am Friday, 11 Apr.

Forget 'if these walls could talk', we're more curious to hear what these old frocks, skirts and slacks would be gasbagging about.

frankie ipad app

3:00pm Friday, 21 Jun.

Excuse us while we toot our own horn, but we've got a little something in the works that we think you'll like.

the design kids

3:00pm Saturday, 06 Apr.

Think of The Design Kids as your key to bursting the creative industry bubble.

Signed & Numbered is turning two and to celebrate they're giving away some art to you!

lonely dot vintage

10:00am Saturday, 15 Sep.

Our wardrobe of vintage dresses and shirts is so large we worry the floor under our closest may someday give way. This utter obsession with yesteryear threads is often stroked by online vintage stores like Lonely Dot.

diy watercolour embroidery hoops

9:00am Saturday, 08 Sep.

Here's a snazzy way to make something that's already snazzy even snazzier. That's snazzy times three!

the five words project

3:00pm Monday, 16 Jul.

If you only had five words to describe your day, what would they be?

renew murwillumbah

3:00pm Monday, 09 Jul.

Remember Renew Newcastle, the project that breathed fresh life into Newcastle's beautiful but underused architecture? Murwillumbah is the creative hub of the Tweed Valley region, and the local Hey Maker team are asking you for a little bit of help.

online sewing school

8:00am Friday, 29 Jun.

Life is short, yarn is long. This is the fundamental flaw in trying to fit sewing and knitting into our daily lives. For those who want to start making their owns clothes or doing craft projects, but don't have the time to take lessons, keep reading.

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