3:00pm Monday, 27 Nov.

Good news: some nice types are picking up their pencils and colouring in for 12 hours straight to raise funds for family violence prevention.

You might know Canberra for its fireworks and roundabouts, but did you know they’re pretty handy with a projector as well?

The Californian artist uses light and colour to create immersive artworks that confuse your grey matter and please your peepers.

tunesday - fun machine giveaway

2:15pm Tuesday, 18 Mar.

We challenge you to find a video clip that will inspire you to bounce out of your desk chair and bop around the room more than this beauty.

floriade nightfest giveaway

9:00am Thursday, 12 Sep.

Canberrans sure know how to celebrate the arrival of spring: by transforming the city into an epic flower nursery, heaving with colour, blossoms and the scent of one million blooms

Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens are a seven-piece band who've proven that there's more goodness to come out of our nation's capital than fireworks and girly mags.

floriade's flowers

9:00am Monday, 20 Aug.

Floriade is an annual event in Canberra that encourages you to stop and smell the roses. Literally. Over a million of them.

All of Canberra's public libraries have come together and are trying to knit the world's longest bookmark. Want to help?

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