some nifty camping hacks

3:00pm Sunday, 25 Feb.

Escaping the city to sleep out under the stars? Allow us to provide you with a few handy camping tips and tricks – including how to whip up a DIY stove.

some very adventurous patches

3:00pm Friday, 18 Mar.

Far more affordable than a plane ticket into the wilderness, these patches will placate your itchy feet for a short time, at least.

stuff mondays - homecamp

3:00pm Monday, 08 Feb.

If becoming one with nature is at the top of your Monday to-do list, we have some goodies up for grabs that could help you tick it off quicksticks.

stuff mondays - homecamp tent

10:00am Monday, 12 Jan.

Our weekend was filled with a bucketload of anticipation, because this morning's giveaway is really quite big.

camp chair cover diy

3:00pm Sunday, 24 Aug.

Yep, spring is well and truly in sight, making it a great time to start thinking about crafting these super-sweet patterned camp chair covers.

a sleeping bag with legs

9:00am Thursday, 27 Sep.

Today in kooky yet practical inventions: a sleeping bag with legs.

a row of tents

3:00pm Friday, 02 Sep.

Temps are creeping up and summer is almost in the air, which means it's time to drag out the tent, picnic blanket and esky and head off into the wilderness to sleep under the stars.

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