nice digs dog beds

9:00am Wednesday, 14 Oct.

A slobbery, threadbare old dog bed can be quite difficult to work into your living room décor, but these snazzy designs make it a wee bit easier.

nod bedheads

9:00am Friday, 11 Sep.

Detachable bedheads featuring arty patterns that stick directly onto your wall. Pretty clever, huh?

go to bed!

9:00am Wednesday, 27 Nov.

If we had one of these pretty beds we'd probably dispense with sheets and doonas all together and sleep straight on the mattress – grottiness be damned.

nancy straughan organic linen

3:00pm Saturday, 10 Nov.

Nancy Straughan is an organic textile maker hailing from London who has a whole range of digitally printed delights for you to peep at.

With the onset of spring comes the sprucing season. If you're in the market for some snazzy new bed linen, we may have good news for you.

goldilocks and the three beds

3:00pm Wednesday, 07 Dec.

Romersk Sleepwear has a new collection out, it's called Who Ate My Porridge and it's inspired by Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

vintage snoozing

4:00pm Wednesday, 02 Nov.

These vintage pillowcases from cushgoods are almost too pretty to use whilst resting your head.


4:00pm Sunday, 23 Oct.

This makes us want to go home, spring clean the linen cupboard, dress our beds and hop right in.

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