carine arnakis's dreamy illustrations

3:00pm Wednesday, 24 Jul.

You know an artist is good when they can portray a seemingly mundane activity and make it beautiful.

elizabeth gower's collage art

9:00am Wednesday, 17 Jul.

The Melbourne-artist's collages are built from years of carefully collecting images from magazines, prints and packaging.

learn the art of brush lettering

4:00pm Wednesday, 26 Jun.

A calligraphy class for folks who want to pen ace birthday cards (and create a cool letterform poster or two).

“I think at first when people see my work it’s like, ‘Wow, it’s so positive, it’s so colourful.’ But then you spend more time with it and it might be quite confronting."

look what we made – a glass act

3:00pm Saturday, 01 Jun.

Leadlighting duo Sam Seary and Nick Caris make modern glass art the old-school way.

game of thrones papercuts

9:00am Friday, 24 May.

Painstaking portraits of Westeros’s best (and worst).

waste not, want not

3:00pm Wednesday, 22 May.

It’s hard to believe that these delish-looking sculptures are made from trash found on the sidewalk.

ceramic bananas by koji kasatani

9:00am Wednesday, 15 May.

Unreal, banana peel.

the freelance shuffle

9:00am Monday, 10 Jun.

We ask a photographer and two artists about taking the plunge into freelance life.

The English artist's collages express all our innermost thoughts.

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