old wool shop vintage

3:00pm Saturday, 12 May.

Vintage jeans, dorky-but-excellent sweaters, and puffer jackets in every colour combo imaginable.

a swan scarf

3:00pm Monday, 24 Oct.

This felted wool scarf is inspired by Björk’s Swan Dress, and is entirely handmade by two crafty sisters.

aleksandra urbanowicz photography

9:00am Thursday, 30 Jun.

Behold, some pretty pics for your eyeballs.

kaska maniak photography

3:00pm Saturday, 02 Apr.

Kaska Maniak is Polish. Kaska Maniak takes eye-pleasing photos. We are pretty keen on Kaska.

the hedgehog

9:00am Tuesday, 27 Oct.

The Forms and Shapes Foundation can’t get enough of planting giant plush animals in unexpected places, and frankly, we can’t either.

irena kielb photography interview

3:00pm Saturday, 06 Jun.

Irena Kiełb is a Polish photographer who finds inspiration on her morning constitutional.

clay opera ceramics

9:00am Sunday, 22 Dec.

Buying pottery is pretty fancy business these days.

the cuddly

3:00pm Monday, 04 Nov.

Polish creative bunch Forms and Shapes Foundation love taking their art out into the world and showing it off a bit.

where spoons go to rest

9:00am Friday, 30 Aug.

Kitchen-y gadgets with super specific uses are our favourite kind of gadgets in the world.

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