stuff mondays - mozi homewares

9:00am Monday, 17 Feb.

Mondays are pretty tip-top because we get to send you gifts just because we think you're ace.

make your own pots

3:00pm Sunday, 02 Feb.

There's a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from going all DIY on a houseplant-happy abode.

the rainy pot

3:00pm Sunday, 12 Jan.

The Rainy Pot is awesome for a bucketload of reasons.

house plant cupcakes

3:00pm Wednesday, 03 Jul.

We don't know which these cupcakes appeal to more: our sweet tooth or our green thumb.

eggling planters

3:00pm Tuesday, 04 Jun.

How to grow the perfect indoor plant:

1. Take one large egg.
2. Crack and remove top with teaspoon.
3. Water and place in a sunny spot.

cottage town paper potplant houses

3:00pm Wednesday, 20 Mar.

Take a look at Cottage Town from Dutch design twosome Ontwerpduo – tiny, flat-packed paper homes made to linger by your favourite houseplant and look full of whimsy and awesomeness.

glass terrariums - miniscapes

3:00pm Wednesday, 22 Aug.

Having a fully grown fern on our desk isn't very conducive to working. That's why we normally resort to glass terrariums that don't die when we forget about them for two weeks in the heat of a magazine deadline.

everyday growing

2:00pm Tuesday, 03 Jan.

We thought we were doing well growing a few succulents on the windowsill, but designer Juliette Warmenhoven has taken gardening to a whole new level.

oh hello there!

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