be my valentine typerwriter

9:00am Tuesday, 14 Feb.

How about a Valentine typewriter for Valentine's Day?

ceramic goodness

12:00pm Thursday, 24 Nov.

Artist Pia Murphy is celebrating the launch of her ceramic jewellery and sculpture with a little exhibition at the Fitzroy Gorman store in Melbourne this week.

to market to market

1:00pm Friday, 18 Nov.

A little chat with Adelle of The Market Roll.

hopscotch tuesdays

9:00am Friday, 18 Nov.

Newly opened Phoenix Public House has just introduced Hopscotch Tuesdays - the only weekly hopscotch competition in Melbourne that involves liquor.

summers past

1:00pm Thursday, 17 Nov.

Sharing snaps of bathing beauties and beachcombers at play, this exhibition peeps into a time of caravan park shenanigans and cooling off by motel pools.


4:00pm Wednesday, 16 Nov.

Flora and font enthusiast Fiona Sinclair is the creative behind Typotany, an alphabet inspired by the good ole gumnut and its native flower friends.

obus wall project 4

9:00am Wednesday, 16 Nov.

Kirra Jamison's paintings resemble the '70s flower patterns of bell bottom jeans, that is, if they were on a canvas in a high art gallery.

isn't that niffty?

4:00pm Thursday, 10 Nov.

Instead of just having your everyday fashion runway, Northcote Independent Fashion Festival (NIFFTY) will displaying their fair Melbourne suburb's wares via live gigs.

return to earth giveaway

4:00pm Thursday, 03 Nov.

We are all massive fans of Lally Katz's completely quirky playwriting abilities, so we're super-psyched to be giving away tickets to the opening night of her new play, Return To Earth.

tunesday - lester the fierce

1:00pm Tuesday, 01 Nov.

This is a perfect record for these mid-spring days, watching raindrops race each other down window panes while contemplating what next year will bring.

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