rad coloured feather earrings

9:00am Wednesday, 26 Sep.

Flowers in your hair is a sign of peace and tranquility, but feathers in your ears represent someone in touch with nature who could also kick butt in an arm wrestle.

cross-stitch jewellery

9:00am Wednesday, 29 Aug.

Because nothing says 'I love you' like a ring cross-stitched with a cuss.

This jewellery designer skips around the world collecting antique bits of fabric, beads and brass, then goes back to her home in Barcelona and makes them into exquisite accessories like this one here.

pimped up memories

9:00am Thursday, 19 Jul.

Because whose inner-child doesn't want a bubble blower necklace?

julie thevenot jewellery

9:00am Wednesday, 11 Jul.

Julie Thevenot is French. Julie Thevenot makes radical jewellery. Julie Thevenot also makes nifty wall hangings. We are pretty keen on Julie and would like to share a custard tart with her.

giantlion rings

3:00pm Thursday, 31 May.

Lovers of shiny and sparkly things alike, we would like to introduce you to giantLION.

pom pom rings

9:00am Saturday, 05 May.

We are of the opinion that there are not enough pom poms in the world. Especially on our hands.

fingerprint rings

10:00am Sunday, 15 Apr.

Recently we've been toying with the idea of getting a fingerprint ring. They take a mould of your mitts, fill them up with sterling silver and turn the most unique part of you into a wearable knick-knack.

rockabilly watercolour-ink

3:00pm Monday, 26 Mar.

For lovers of rockabilly styling, '50s pin-up girls and tattoo culture, you may like Jubly-Umph's little artworks.

buckaroo bear

11:00am Saturday, 17 Mar.

Does your neckline need a little more adornment?

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