the open window

3:00pm Wednesday, 25 Jan.

One of these non-voo-doo crystal necklaces could be swinging around your neck very soon.

high low necklaces

11:00am Saturday, 21 Jan.

As the name suggests, High Low teams high and low art and the result is the creation of some very pretty jewellery pieces.

diy pencil jewellery

11:00am Saturday, 14 Jan.

If you're the crafty type (or just a bit thrifty and watching your pennies), you might want to take a peek at these instructions for DIY pencil jewellery.

the frenchy factory

9:00am Thursday, 19 Jan.

Macarons are awesome. Things on strings are awesome. So logically, that makes macarons on strings awesome awesome.

lenko pencils

9:00am Thursday, 05 Jan.

Attention writerly types: check these out.

the jewellery version of the book

9:00am Wednesday, 21 Dec.

Children's author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers has teamed up with jewellery folk Digby & Iona to create these utterly adorable pieces, based off Oliver's drawings.

emoticon jewellery

12:00pm Tuesday, 13 Dec.

Inspired by emoticons, the handcrafted adornments are very much deserving of everlasting love.

ceramic goodness

12:00pm Thursday, 24 Nov.

Artist Pia Murphy is celebrating the launch of her ceramic jewellery and sculpture with a little exhibition at the Fitzroy Gorman store in Melbourne this week.

dark and stormy

4:00pm Monday, 07 Nov.

Ever feel like you've got a dark cloud following you around? It needn't be a bad thing, especially if you're sporting this necklace.

oh hello there!

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