a bit of colour

9:00am Thursday, 01 Mar.

This extremely colourful blog is full of bright interiors and clever ways of splashing colour around.

hindsvik danish furniture

3:00pm Wednesday, 08 Feb.

If your little sanctuary is in need of a few extra add-ons, Hindsvik might just have you covered.


11:00am Saturday, 28 Jan.

Slip cast in white clay, each of these beauties is designed to hold a little votive candle when the mood takes; for the rest of the time they just hang there and look pretty.

cushion the blow

3:00pm Friday, 06 Jan.

These native quilt pillows from Shapes and Colours textiles are quite fetching, we think.

house work tours

12:00pm Thursday, 08 Dec.

House Work is hosting a walk-and-talk tour through the personal spaces of some local artists' homes in Redfern and Waterloo.

vote yes

3:00pm Monday, 28 Nov.

You might like to hang one of these banners up on your wall as a reminder that everything is going to be OK. Because it is.

very pretty vases

1:00pm Tuesday, 15 Nov.

According to Lenneke's website, she believes her work "should make people smile". Mission achieved, Lenneke. Mission achieved.

quarto and sala

10:00am Saturday, 16 Jul.

We love a bit of a sticky into other people's homes (heck, we wrote a whole book about it), and there's something we especially love about proper, lived-in, real-life people's pads that are still a bit messy and homely, rather than super-slick and styled perfecto houses.

light up your mood

8:00am Friday, 05 Aug.

Henrietta is a London based designer who is responsible for these ridiculously cute light switch stickers.

making walls pretty

10:00am Sunday, 07 Aug.

A big thumbs up for temporary wallpaper!

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