We can safely assure you most of the population don't own ceramic salt and pepper shakers that look like Lassie. But they should.

cross-stitch gan rugs and cushions

9:00am Thursday, 08 Nov.

"Hello, North Pole? Yeah hi, it's frankie. Scratch everything we've previously put on our Christmas wish list. We basically just want every single thing from Charlotte Lancelot's cross-stitch inspired line from Gan Rugs."

nancy straughan organic linen

3:00pm Saturday, 10 Nov.

Nancy Straughan is an organic textile maker hailing from London who has a whole range of digitally printed delights for you to peep at.

Introducing The Sabbatical Cupboard – a project that explores the idea of disconnecting from the internet, social media and all forms of digital communication by locking it away from your twitching fingertips.

slow wood furniture

9:00am Saturday, 27 Oct.

In the scheme of culinary trends, the slow food movement makes more sense to us than gastro-foams and messy fondues. Now apply that concept to furniture.

pottery by ross

3:00pm Saturday, 27 Oct.

Ross's pottery collection includes creamers, tea sets, bowls and even herb stakes for your garden (also helpful if you have a vampire problem - at least they stay away from the garlic).

fresh herb hemp bags

9:00am Monday, 22 Oct.

Although we appreciate summer's warming rays, judging by the wilting mint on our windowsill, our herbs don't.

tusk collective picnic rug giveaway

10:00am Saturday, 13 Oct.

This Ivory Shadow blanket would be nifty to pretty up a park bench, provide something nice to sit on or throw around your shoulders once the sun has gone down on your garden party.

lazybones sheets giveaway

3:00pm Thursday, 11 Oct.

With spring comes a cull and a clean, and there's nothing like fresh sheets on the bed to top it all off.

diy bookcase dollhouse

9:00am Friday, 28 Sep.

Yes this bookcase dollhouse is meant to be for the kiddies, but we are rather tempted to make one for ourselves next time we're faced with a rainy Sunday afternoon and a half-empty bottle of sherry.

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