wolf, rabbit, cat

3:00pm Monday, 12 Sep.

We love a good anthropomorphised animal, which is why we're especially loving these ridiculously adorable critter tees.

download love

10:00am Saturday, 15 Oct.

Now close your eyes and smile really big as things are about to get really good.


8:00am Monday, 19 Sep.

Golly golly gosh. These Semi-Permanent Masterclasses in Melbourne sound amazing!

natalie nicklin

3:00pm Wednesday, 21 Sep.

Here is some really snappy design work by UK graphics lady (and multi-disciplinary artist) Natalie Nicklin.


8:00am Friday, 23 Sep.

How amazing are these wallpaper designs from Kirath Ghundoo?

one colour tees

10:00am Saturday, 24 Sep.

Want to be a t-shirt designer? Well it's time to get those ideas on paper (then convert it into pixel-form) and submit them to the Art Park and Analogue Digital One Colour T-Shirt comp.

radicals rejoice

11:00am Saturday, 08 Oct.

These ‘frame it’ designy temporary tatts are friggin rad for nerds and nerdy kids alike. You can purchase one yourself from around 5 buckaroos here.

design open days

9:00am Monday, 10 Oct.

We love graphic designers. Without their handy fancy-schmancy CS4 suite skills we wouldn't be able to produce the pretty pages you see in your frankie every month.

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