brainbow necklaces

3:00pm Tuesday, 17 Jul.

With all of the quirky accessory lines out there at the moment, sometimes the really super stuff can get lost in the middle.

the six stitch kit

8:00am Wednesday, 04 Jul.

Want to tap away on your phone or tablet, but don't want to freeze your fingers? This is a super simple way to make your gloves techno-friendly. All it takes is six stitches of a super special string, and you're done!

orange studio by helen dardik

3:00pm Wednesday, 27 Jun.

Flipping through Helen Dardik's designs is like breathing in the fresh, orangey air of a fruit bowl.

note worthy

3:00pm Thursday, 28 Jun.

A teeny quilt that's also a notebook page that's also an ode to nerds? Oh yes.

nevenka design competition

10:00am Sunday, 17 Jun.

Always wanted to design for a fashion label but never quite knew how to get your foot in the door? We have the answer: doodling poodles.

not-quite-right cards

9:00am Friday, 15 Jun.

Here's a series of cards that are not-quite-right, but still lovingly designed and slightly evil.

Sydney boys and girls, it's your turn for the winter round of Finders Keepers Markets this weekend!

collette bream goodies

3:00pm Tuesday, 29 May.

Collette Bream creates things that make life with a toddler a little more fun and drama free.

typographic dating

3:00pm Wednesday, 23 May.

Wonder what would happen if two fonts went on a date?

grand designs box set giveaway

8:00am Thursday, 17 May.

Ladies (and Kevin McCloud swinging men), please form an orderly line: to celebrate Series 9 of Grand Designs being released on DVD, we are giving away an entire box set of all nine seasons to one very lucky frankie architecture freak.

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