h by heather lighton jewellery

3:00pm Monday, 13 May.

When the stork is divvying out talent to newborns, some people are given a double dose, and Melbourne's Heather Lighton is one of those lucky ducks.

A company with the motto 'we believe in handmade' is a company after our own hearts, and we've gotta say, Mr & Mrs White has us well and truly wooed.

vintage camper birdhouses

3:00pm Monday, 29 Apr.

Even birds need a comfortable bed to crash in now and then, and these too-cute vintage camper birdhouses show the ultimate in hospitality.

moon hoon's home library slide

9:00am Sunday, 28 Apr.

We thought homes like this only existed in our fantasies, and we're a darker shade of emerald knowing that some lucky folks get to live in this bookish paradise.

rain cloud pipe cover

9:00am Friday, 26 Apr.

We'd probably welcome a few autumn showers if all of our drainpipes were decked out in these nifty cloud covers.

clip nest

3:00pm Friday, 19 Apr.

Let's file this under 'stuff we didn't know we wanted till it was right under our noses and now we're not sure we can soldier on without'.

wunderplant floral studio

3:00pm Tuesday, 09 Apr.

Wunderplant founder Amy Wright believes in equal love for all flora, and her pretty posies are spreading all sorts of flowery joy.

throwback thursday - naomi murrell

3:00pm Thursday, 04 Apr.

Naomi Murrell's simple, pretty accessories topped our wishlists way back when the label was in its infancy, and since then we've spied them on limbs all over the country.

the design kids

3:00pm Saturday, 06 Apr.

Think of The Design Kids as your key to bursting the creative industry bubble.

caroline gomez homewares

3:00pm Thursday, 28 Mar.

The ultimate advocate for the saying 'less is more', Caroline Gomez creates homewares that are beautifully minimalist and sleek.

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