shed of the year

3:00pm Monday, 12 Aug.

Time to skip gaily through the streets, chuck confetti everywhere and yell 'Huzzah!'.

origami lampshades

9:00am Friday, 09 Aug.

Studio Snowpuppe see the value of a lovely lightshade, and have devoted much of their attention to crafting a range that'll have your eyes glued to the ceiling.

ben fiess utilitarian ceramic jars

9:00am Thursday, 01 Aug.

There's no such thing as buyer's remorse when that pretty thing you splashed out on is also downright practical.

moose head coat rack

9:00am Thursday, 18 Jul.

We may have needed some help from Google Translate to navigate our way through their website, but boy, do Pur Norwegian speak our language.

The Taronga Wild! Rhinos project asks us to use our creativity for the greater ecological good.

Bowls spend their days delicately cradling your fruit, providing a scenic home for your goldfish and keeping your spare change in order - they're kinda like the housekeepers of the tableware world.

custom alphabet frames

9:00am Sunday, 23 Jun.

When pieces are as lovely as these custom-made letter shelves, we start to fear for our dwindling bank accounts.

the pantone project

3:00pm Sunday, 23 Jun.

Photographer Paul Octavious has taken the world's favourite numbered hues out into the world and snapped them in situ, making real life look just like a delicious art object.

graphic design courses

3:00pm Wednesday, 19 Jun.

Oh what a dull life it would be without graphic designers, depriving our peepers of all sorts of loveliness.

hartland brooklyn greeting cards

3:00pm Thursday, 20 Jun.

When the first thing you see on the homepage of a website is the owner's cat acting as a little tabby welcome wagon, you know you're onto a good thing.

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