Frankie friends, creative types – lend us your ears! There's a spanking new event popping up in Melbourne over summer, and they're hunting for some extra special artsy folk to amp up the radness even more.

lindsey hampton's pretty pastels

3:02pm Monday, 18 Nov.

There it is again: that familiar feeling when we develop a heart-pumping, head over heels crush on a range of ceramics.

cardboard cities patterned art

9:00am Thursday, 14 Nov.

We've stumbled across our dream wallpaper designs, and they come from the hands of Welsh lassie Laura Redburn.

When earth, fire, wind, water and heart combine you get Captain Planet, but when crafter Beci Orpin and nail polish aficionado Kester Black join forces you get something far more powerful.

throwback thursday - gemma o'brien

9:00am Thursday, 10 Oct.

Time sure does fly when you're busy writing about all the fab folk out there, and it's been two years (or 14 magazine years) since we first had a chat with designer Gemma O'Brien.

goodmorningbirds ceramics

10:00am Sunday, 03 Nov.

In Grace Kam's itty bitty land you'll find tall chimneyed houses, families of ducks paddling in circles and moggies prancing about on hot tin rooves.

bookhou purses

9:00am Thursday, 24 Oct.

Cast your peepers over these patterned pouches from Canadian label Bookhou, then try to imagine a lovelier way to store your wallet, keys and phone on the run.

hammerpress greeting cards

9:00am Monday, 17 Sep.

If you know your heartfelt message is going into the hands of a bonafide emotional hoarder, a $2 blank card from Woolies just won't cut the mustard.

milkhaus design

3:00pm Wednesday, 16 Oct.

Despite what the name might suggest, Milkhaus Design isn't a Germanic dairy farm.

billy blue change your world contest

3:00pm Wednesday, 25 Sep.

Hey design-y types, quick question for you: how would you like to win a trip for two to Hobart to visit MoNA, a Leica V-Lux 4 camera and have your work on a double-page spread in frankie magazine?

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