etsy giveaway: minty baxter

9:00am Wednesday, 03 Jul.

"Why choose simple when you can surround yourself with colourful clobber?" asks Etsy seller Minty Baxter, and we've got to say, the lady has a point.

If we could surround ourselves with cakes of all kinds at all times, we'd be the happiest folk about, so we're making a start with this cake slice pin cushion.

Nothing says cute for your couch better than little sleepy raindrop cushions (with bow ties). If you've never embroidered before this is a great beginner's project too.

another vision cushions

9:00am Monday, 14 Jan.

All of Another Vision's cushions are designed and made in Melbourne, meaning the fabric miles to get from their warehouse to your couch is minimal.

cushion the blow

3:00pm Friday, 06 Jan.

These native quilt pillows from Shapes and Colours textiles are quite fetching, we think.

oh hello there!

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