reid cycles giveaway

4:00pm Sunday, 24 Sep.

We’ve got one spiffy Reid Cycles two-wheeler to give away – yes!

tiny bike-shaped bike stands

4:00pm Friday, 26 May.

A Japanese designer wants to de-clutter the street, one poorly parked bicycle at a time.

stuff mondays – reid cycles

3:00pm Monday, 05 Dec.

Thanks to the lovely types at Reid Cycles, we have one of these vintage-inspired two-wheelers to give away – wahoo!

crocheted bicycle skirt guard

3:00pm Thursday, 03 Dec.

Cycling in a skirt can be a treacherous undertaking, with the constant risk of tangles, tears and flashing your rear to all and sundry.

nutcase helmets call for artists

9:00am Friday, 13 Nov.

Ever wanted to see your artwork wrapped around a passerby’s noggin?

reid cycles giveaway

3:00pm Wednesday, 12 Aug.

It’s time to switch your heated vehicle for some al fresco pedalling, and the bike aficionados at Reid Cycles can give you a hand with their snazzy two-wheeler range.

reid vintage bike giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 04 Jun.

Hopping on yer bike might not be the obvious choice now that winter's well and truly set in, but a little bit of rain and a frosty nose doesn't change the fact you still need to get from A to B.

create bikes giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 09 Oct.

There's a new breed of bike in town, and we'd like you to make its acquaintance.

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