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reid cycles giveaway

reid cycles giveaway


We’ve got one spiffy Reid Cycles two-wheeler to give away – yes!

When summer’s here, the time is right for dancing in the street – as David Bowie and Mick Jagger once sang to each other. When spring’s here, we reckon the time is right for jumping on your bike, soaking up the sunshine, taking in the sweet symphony of botanical smells, and feeling the fresh rush of wind on your face.

If you’re a cyclist – or rather fancy the idea of swapping your daily commute on the bus for an energising ride of the two-wheeled variety – then Reid Cycle’s Ladies Esprit might be right up your alley. The vintage-style bike not only looks a treat, it’s also ideal for covering distance every day, what with its lightweight, stripped back design.

Oh, and here’s the extra-cool news: we have one such set of wheels up for grabs – in champagne, no less! Pop over to the Reid Cycles website to check it out, find out whether you require you an x-small, small or large, then shoot through your info to go in the running to win.