uniqlo x marimekko

What are you doing tomorrow, style-conscious pals? Rolling into work and firing off emails until sundown? Well, scrap that plan because we have news for you: Uniqlo is launching its second limited-edition collaboration with Marimekko.

Yep, everyone’s favourite supplier of affordable basics is once again teaming up with the iconic Finnish design house, and if you don’t ready your wallets right this second, you may soon regret it.

The range hits Uniqlo stores November 28 (that's tomorrow!). You’ll find goodies for grown ups, young girls and bubs, all splashed with some of Marimekko’s most recognisable prints and patterns. Take a peek at some of the pieces below, and we'll see you out there bright and early, eager beavers.

uniqlo marimekko frankie 2019 3

uniqlo marimekko frankie 2019 4

uniqlo marimekko frankie 2019 2

uniqlo marimekko frankie 2019

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