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Do you happen to be feeling a little heartachey? Canadian five-piece band Dizzy have just the song to soundtrack your mood, and it's a bittersweet melody called "Twist". Before you give the track a spin (and get lost in the wistful video), get to know the band through lead singer Katie Munshaw, who kindly answered our questions below.

Hello, introduce yourself, please. We’re called Dizzy. We’re a band from Ontario, Canada.

How would you describe your music to your grandma? Great ambience music for your snooker tournaments.
How did you all meet? The three boys are brothers and I met them in high school. We started writing music together a year after graduation.
What’s the secret recipe for a Dizzy song? Guitar solos, synths, and diary entries.
What’s the best thing about touring together? I love playing the show and meeting people afterwards, but oddly enough, I think my favourite part is getting back to the hotel at night and watching The Simpsons or something until we all fall asleep. It’s like one big long sleepover with your best friends.
Do you have a part time job? Some of us do. Alex teaches guitar lessons, Mackenzie works at a drug store and Charlie is a barista, and also produces for other bands in our hometown.
Where should we go to get a good meal in your hometown? Pita Deli in Oshawa’s Five Points plaza is our go-to spot. They can throw down some mean falafel.
What are you looking forward to at the moment? Releasing some new music and touring!

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