the art of folding

On the scale of life's most enjoyable activities, tearing into wrapping paper with the reckless abandon of a toddler on Christmas morning is right up there. Unfortunately, it’s also a rather wasteful exercise – that is, unless you’re the type who stashes away old paper for future use.

Should you ever begin to feel guilty for dumping all those scraps in the bin, you’ll find a nifty alternative in furoshiki – the Japanese art of tying fabric over everything from presents to lunchboxes and wine bottles. While Japan isn’t the only country to wrap objects in fabric, it’s the myriad of traditional techniques and types of folds that keep London-based maker and researcher Georgia Dorey hooked on learning more. If you’re intrigued to see all the things you can do with a bit of cloth, dive into Georgia’s Instagram page and follow her wrapping adventures.

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