stuff mondays – corner block studio frames

How do you hang up a piece of art at home? There’s the Blu-Tack option (if you’re a teenager), the glass frame route (too much effort), the digital photo frame (just kidding, who actually uses these?), or there’s Corner Block Studio’s minimal wooden frames. Made from recycled hardwoods and renewable pines, mounting a piece of art onto these clever things requires minimum effort – we’re talking no tools, no trimming, no meticulous measuring. Zilch. (If you don’t believe us, see how it works over here.)

You can thank founders Natalie Lane and Leith Morriss for thinking up these nifty devices. The pair launched their biz back in 2015 and have been operating out of their Brissie studio ever since. Best of all, they’ve been kind enough to offer up 10 of the A3 Pressi frames in Blonde Hardwood. Put on your lucky underpants and direct your entries over here.

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