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planters by plernters

If you’re a proud parent to a clutch of indoor plants, you’ll be well acquainted with the compulsion to spoil your leafy babies with new homes. For Bea Bellingham, a ceramicist and illustrator with a similar passion for fronds, a project combining all three loves was a no-brainer. Enter  plernters: Bea’s range of limited edition porcelain planter pots made in collaboration with six female artists from around Australia, the likes of which include Alexis Winter, Carmen Hui, Claire Ritchie and a bevvy of other talents. There are six pot designs currently available, each adorned to painterly perfection by an individual artist. Thankfully, all plernters are weather and scratch resistant, which means you don't have to worry about the artwork fading if you leave your planter out in the sun for too long. Want to get your mitts on one of these pretties? Head right this way. You can also see more from Bea over here.

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