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tunesday – yoo-hoo from hinds

Spanish lasses Hinds make fun, jangly tunes that make you want to hang out in the sun with your mates, which is pretty much what they like doing best, too. Haven’t heard them? Well, you’re in luck – because not only do you get to discover their first album, Leave Me Alone, but if you keep your ears peeled this Friday, you’ll also hear their brand newie, I Don’t Run. Double whammy! Keep scrolling to read our chat with frontwoman Carlotta Cosials who tells us everything the band’s been up to lately, and why Australia’s stars give her the warm and fuzzies.

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Tell us about your latest songs. What inspired them? We talk about our feelings and past experiences. Because of the hard touring we had the last couple of years a lot of our feelings were deeper… or at least more complex. We try making art from our heartbreaks.

Favourite thing about Australia? The stars are our favourite thing in Australia. The first night we went there three years ago or so, our new friends took us to the beach in Sydney while we showed them what doing Botellon is (basically just drinking in the streets). It was already a perfect night and suddenly we looked up to the sky and realised we didn't recognise the stars.

What would you cook for us if we came around to your place for dinner? We would cook pasta! If you want something more Spanish we are also good at tortilla and gazpacho.

Any words of advice for aspiring musicians? You’ve got to beg everyone you know and get obsessed with the project. Even when it was only Carlotta and me in her bedroom playing covers, we had a weekly list of things we had to do, like: learn how to play with pick; take first promo pic; finish a new cover, etc. If you don't take it seriously no one will.

Where do you like to create your music? We always write back home in Madrid. We spend a lot of hours talking jamming and trying until we find something we like. We can't write on the road; we are too focussed on the shows.

How do you know when you’ve written a great tune? When you can't stop listening to it. I know it sounds lame, but when we write a song we love we play it non-stop for ourselves. ha.

Do you have a life philosophy? The more you live the less you die.

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