stuff mondays – for me by dee tea towels

A tea towel isn’t just for wiping up spills. It can also be for hanging on your wall and gazing at admiringly – as our grandparents so consistently demonstrated. If you reckon your vertical surfaces could do with a fancy bit of cloth, perhaps you’d be inclined to peruse the range of animal-adorned tea towels from Melbourne label For Me By Dee? As you can see, the collection includes: Winston the Wombat; Earl the Emu; Mitch the Major Mitchell Cockatoo; Kenny the Kookaburra; and Eddie the Echidna – all of whom have been lovingly printed on 100 per cent linen for your tea toweling purposes, whatever they may be. Oh, and guess what? We’ve got one of each of the aforementioned towels to give away – hooray! To win, simply shoot through your info, specify your favourite critter from the bunch, and cross your fingers super-tight.

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